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Special Delivery

Special Delivery

Damn, damn, damn! I couldn’t help but take on the spirit of Florida Evans as I looked out at all the rain coming down onto the street. This wasn’t good at all. Rain fell as though God were standing above the city pouring buckets of water down from heaven. The wind was blowing so hard that trees were damn near bent sideways scraping the ground. Signs were blown  down all over the place. Mother Nature was making sure everyone saw her rage, and there wasn’t a damn thing I could do about it.

I sighed, defeated. My car was about a three minute walk from where I stood. By the time I made it to my baby, I’d be completely drenched. And since I’d just spent my Saturday at the shop getting my hair done, that just was not an option. Even with the big umbrella I had, the wind would do nothing but use it as a parachute while dragging me across the sidewalk like I was Mary Poppins. No, I’d just have to wait this one out.

My eyes were fixated on the storm as I stood inside the doors of the building where I worked. I’d been so caught up preparing files for the next day that I hadn’t even noticed the weather. And now that this shit was coming down like a waterfall, I couldn’t help but kick myself for not listening to my co-worker Abby when she’d told me to leave it alone for the night.

“Ugh,” a deep voice groaned behind me.

I jumped and spun around, throwing my hand into my pocket book for my Mace, just in case I had to use it.

Raheem threw his hands out towards me, his shock by my actions etched across his face. “I’m sorry. Didn’t mean to startle you. Just can’t believe what’s going on out there.”

My shoulders relaxed as I showed my relief in seeing the company’s mail guy standing there in front of me. “That’s fine. Just hadn’t expected anyone else to be standing here.” I turned and looked back at the scene. A man and woman were running down the street to keep from getting soaked by the water. From the looks of things, they’d already lost the battle.

“Shit’s crazy,” Raheem said, stepping towards the glass doors. He started to push it open, but decided against it. “I might just drown if I go out there.”

My laughter filled the entryway. “Yea, we just might. That’s why I’m staying put until it calms down a little.”

“Could be a while,” he said looking down at me. “For a woman like you, I think that’s a pretty safe decision.”

“Woman like me, huh?” I said with a smile as I looked out of the window.

“Yea,” he said, letting his deep chuckle resonate around us. “On days like this, a woman like you should be having fun indoors. Not worrying about what’s going on outside.”

I looked up at him to ask his meaning, but when I saw that his eyes were nowhere near my face, I pretty much gathered exactly what he meant. He was making no effort to hide the fact that he was checking me out. Even had the nerve to roll his thick tongue over his sexy smooth lips as if I was a home cooked meal after a forty day fast.

A wicked smile spread across my face. I knew what he wanted, even if in his mind it would be just a brief fantasy. Little did he know I’d fantasized about him in the same way many days as he’d delivered me mail from the mailroom. Most women had. Raheem was universally sexy. And young enough to give us promise that he held the stamina most men within the building had lost over the years. Not that I made it a habit to lust after men in the workplace, but if there was ever an exception, Raheem was it.

“You’re absolutely right,” I told him as I reciprocated his shameless gaze.

His lips curled up into a small smile. “It’s not too late. Like I said, this might be a while.”

“I just hope you have the time,” I said. The words and my sudden boldness shocked the hell out of me. If he was insinuating what I thought he was insinuating, then I was sending one hell of an open invitation to him. And from the look on his face, Raheem was more than happy to accept.

He reached for my hand and gently pulled me back into the doors of the lobby. I followed him until we reached the elevator, where he pushed the down arrow. My hand slipped out of his as I heard voices on the elevator as it approached us. Raheem got the hint and stepped behind me, as though we weren’t together.

The doors opened and out walked my boss, Sherry, and her assistant. “Surprised to see you’re still here, Constance,” Sherry said as Raheem excused himself and stepped past her onto the elevator.

I smiled and stuck my hand inside to hold the door as the two stepped off, not really noticing Raheem standing there. “Just heading up to grab some files I left on my desk. You two be careful. Storm’s picking up.”

“It is indeed,” Sherry replied as she glanced out the window. “Javier should have the car here any minute. See you in the morning.”

I flashed her another quick smile and stepped onto the elevator opposite of Raheem. “Have a great night.”

“You too,” she called as the doors closed. She had no idea, but I planned on doing just that. As soon as we were out of sight, Raheem stood beside me and bent to kiss my neck. Just that small touch had my whole body on fire. And I knew just the man to fight the blaze.

As we stepped off the elevator, I reached back and pressed the button for the ninth floor. Just in case Sherry and Fiona were still standing there, I didn’t want them to see that the elevator’s only destination had been to the basement. Call me what you may, but the last thing I needed was to be the topic of office gossip, even if I would be going down for fucking the finest man in the building.  No one congratulated you for feats like that. They simply hated and whispered about you at the water cooler, knowing that if they had the opportunity, they would do the same thing.

The mailroom wasn’t a large space. It held as much area as you would expect necessary to sort through mail and boxes. This was my first time ever being down here, but if things went as planned, it definitely wouldn’t be my last.

Raheem closed the door behind us and walked me over to the desk that sat in the center of the room. I dropped my umbrella and purse to the ground as his hands pushed up on my ample breasts through the buttoned blouse I was wearing, squeezing them in his palms. “Damn, you’re sexy.”

“I think you can show me better than you can tell me,” I said as I pushed myself further into him.

He got the hint and began taking the blouse off of me, leaving Victoria’s Secret all out in the open.  I let the shirt slip off of my shoulders and reached behind me to unzip the skirt I was wearing. With one tug, it joined my blouse on the floor.

Raheem’s eyes were roaming all over my damn near naked flesh. I wanted to tell his ass to take a picture so he could admire it later. Right now, he had a job to do. I didn’t know if it was because I was a woman ten years his senior, but one thing was for certain: this kid was going to need some guidance.

I grabbed his hand and placed it over my black panties while my other hand pulled him to me by his tie so that I could kiss him. That was one area that he needed no coaching. His tongue slipped into my mouth and loved on me so passionately I almost passed out from a lack of oxygen. I felt his fingers massaging me through the material of my panties. I was wet, no doubting that.

My behind leaned against the desk as I lifted one leg around his waist. “Push those panties to the side,” I told him between kisses.

He obeyed and let his fingers walk right into my wet pussy. Yes, this was the touch I’d been waiting for. My moans were deep as my hips grinded onto his moving fingers, grabbing as much pleasure from this experience as they could. “Make me cum just like this,” I cooed into his ear.

Raheem’s dick was growing thick against my thigh. All that for me, I thought as I smiled to myself. It’s amazing what a stroke to the ego can do for the body. My hard nipples were pushing deeper into his chest, just like his fingers were doing to my pussy. I was about to cum and damnit it felt good.

Just as my mouth pushed out into the shape of a perfect “O”, he stopped. My eyes popped open, shocked that he was robbing me of this moment. But that was when I saw him falling down between my thighs.

Turns out this boy knew a little something about something after all. That thick tongue, the same one that had rolled across his soft lips in front of the entrance doors, the same one that had my mouth feeling as though it had taken a round trip journey to ecstasy, was now running perfect circles around my clit. It went round and round until my head started to spin, then ran up and down the inner folds of my pussy lips.

Oh gosh this boy knew his way around my body. He moved his pleasure giver between my lips and wiggled it back and forth as it traveled in and out. My back arched so deep that my forehead was damn near touching the desk. Four letter words rolled off my tongue as he made his way back to my clit, sucking gently while two of his fingers moved deep inside of me. His lips sucked harder, my screams grew louder, and his fingers moved faster as he pleasured me closer and closer to the bridge.

And that was when he did it. He pushed his nose, yes, his nose, up into my pussy and used it to hit a spot that I didn’t even know could give me pleasure. It was too much. Within seconds, I was holding onto his ears and pushing his head deeper between my thighs as my entire body shook from the widow’s peak on my forehead down to my toes that were gripping onto my shoes as if I’d go floating in the air if they didn’t hold on. I called out to heaven and a few other places as all of my pleasure ripped through my body and sent my juices trickling down my vagina and onto his tongue.

If he hadn’t been there to hold me up, my body would have doubled over from exhaustion. His mouth had sucked away all of my energy and at that moment, all I could do was sit there while he drank my pussy waters like it was from Fiji. Damn it had been so long, but I was back in this familiar place of ecstasy and I wasn’t ready to leave.

I felt him rising to his feet as he held onto my body. My glassy eyes looked down and saw that his hard dick was now out and springing free, evidence that he’d been pleasing himself while he’d pleased me. As hard as that thing was, I knew he hadn’t finished the job.

I spread my legs wider and tried to invite him in, but he pushed me back. “Not today,” he said pushing his dick back into its hiding spot.

The dumbfounded look on my face was enough to make him smile. But I didn’t understand what was funny. “What’s up?” I asked, eyeing him quizzically.

He bent over and kissed me, the taste of my juices still on his lips. “There’s rain in the forecast for tomorrow. A woman like you needs to have something to keep her entertained indoors.”

As bad as I wanted him in that moment, I was too exhausted to argue. But his weather report brought a big smile to my face. “Same time, same place?”

“Sounds like a date.”

I got dressed and walked with him back out to the elevator. By the time we’d made it to the lobby, the rain had let up quite a bit. Raheem walked me to my car and kissed me goodbye before taking off to his vehicle.

I’d given him my umbrella to shield himself from the slight rain that was still coming down. I wasn’t tripping about getting it back from him. It would be collateral for the dick he’d promised me the next day.

Well, Raheem held good on his promise and dicked me down something wonderful the next day. Brotha was damn sure worth the wait too. That boy had me speaking in languages I didn’t even know I knew. It became our thing to do on rainy evenings. It didn’t take long before the ritual moved to sunny days too. I didn’t need a special occasion to want some of Raheem’s loving. That boy had a gift and anytime I could unwrap it, I did.

As a favor for everything he was doing for my body, I did what I could for the kid. I’d even talked to Sherry and gotten him out of the mailroom and into an assistant position. Talk about networking skills. That man had the ability to fuck his way into presidency if he wanted and he would, if I had anything to do with it.

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Rules of The Game…

Alright, so there is definitely a method to the madness here. Luckily, it’s short, sweet, and fairly simple to comprehend.

Queri’s Two Simple Rules are:

1. I post excerpts and short stories that I have written.

2.You enjoy them.

See, that’s simple right? I will try to post something new at least once a week, so if you like what you see check back to see what else I have in store for you. Leave feedback if you like. Let me know what you’re feeling, if anything. And if you feel nothing post that too! I’m a big girl. No criticism is tougher than that I give to myself so PLEASE keep it real with me. I know what I’m getting into 😉

If I get enough feedback on the excerpts and short stories that I post, then I will eventually post one of the books that I’ve written, one chapter at a time. In my head, I see it as someone tuning in to watch a show every week, only you will be tuning in to see what that sly main character is up to next. You follow me? Good!

Sooo…. simple enough? Thought so 🙂

Thanks everybody!

Love and Kisses,

Queri B

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A Letter from Queri B….

“If you do not breathe through writing, if you do not cry out in writing, or sing in writing, then don’t write, because our culture has no use for it.”    ―      Anaïs Nin

The above, in a sense, is my mission statement. Constantly I am in remembrance of these words, because if ever there came a time when my writing was anything other than that, then it would be utterly useless.

Sooooo…. where to begin…..?

Well, first off let me introduce myself. I am Queri B, aspiring writer. There, that wasn’t so bad was it?

I am passionate about what I do and hope that it reflects in the words that I write. This isn’t just a hobby for me; this is my life. Writing lets me escape to a different world, creativity the pilot behind my adventures and each time I put pen to paper I am in a new and different place. How exciting is it to say that I can travel the world by simply closing my eyes and riding the waves of my own imagination? That’s one hell of a journey, if I do say so myself. Why is that important? Well, because now I want to take the world with me. I want everyone who takes a moment to read anything that is a product of this mind of mine to feel as though they too have taken a journey somewhere, into a life that is not their own. Literature gives us that opportunity, and this is my gift to you. So sit back, relax, and let Queri take you on a ride that will hopefully ignite a fire and passion inside of you…. I know you want to.

Oh, and if you feel a little bit of excitement along the way, don’t worry. It’s all part of the experience. And if you don’t know what I mean, you will when you get there.

Love and kisses,

Queri B